Mistakes to Avoid in a Decentralized Sales and Marketing Organization

31 01 2011

A 2008 CMO Council report, Closing the Gap: The Sales & Marketing Alignment Imperative, spoke of an urgent need for marketing, sales, and channel management to align by changing processes and adopting new technologies. More recent studies show that need has only grown.

Since CMO Council’s report, many marketers have believed that simply forwarding leads with varying degrees of qualification or making marketing collateral available to a sales team meant sufficiently supporting Sales. That isn’t the case.

In fact, a recent IDC study, citing the 80/20 rule, states that “up to 80% of the content [that] marketing generates is not used by sales, even though a lot of it is specifically created for sales and channel enablement.” For marketers, all the wasted time and money—not to mention potentially being seen as not adding value—hurts.





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