Brands Undertaking Market Research Reap Rewards Through Customer Loyalty

9 02 2012

A survey out today from global provider of smart solutions for gaining market insight, Cint, has found that brands investing in market research will reap rewards, with almost two-thirds (62%) of those surveyed stating they were more likely to purchase a brand’s product if they were asked their opinion in a study.



Search Optimization Is Still Part of Social Media Marketing

31 08 2011

There’s a panel at SES that usually ends up drawing a packed house. “SEO is Dead! Long Live SEO” never fails to impress the audience, especially with all the cries that “Social media is now ‘king.'” As I am primarily a social media marketer, but have deep roots in search engine optimization, I raise my eyebrow with skepticism at those marketers who proclaim that with social media, you no longer need to worry about SEO. Apparently they missed the memo that people also search in social media communities.


It’s The Content, Stupid!

31 08 2011

In today’s age of omnipresent media, online marketing channels often serve as the first point of contact with future customers, whether it’s an online review, a LinkedIn company page, or a product description on your Web site. The web, via its various incarnations ranging from user reviews to YouTube videos, has emerged as the world’s primary resource for obtaining information. In fact, according to a December 2010 study released by Forrester Research, U.S. consumers now spend as much time online as they do sitting in front of the television.


Marketing Strategies for Reaching Consumers Using Tablets

8 07 2011

Android, Motorola Zoom, iPad, iOS, and iPad 2. What do these operating systems, and tablet devices mean to marketers? How are marketers able to effectively reach consumers using tablets?

I reached out to Chuck Martin, founder of the Future Mobile Institute and author of the new book, ” The Third Screen,” and Harry Kargman, founder and CEO of Kargo, for insights.


The Secret to B2B Mobile App Success? Custom Content.

29 06 2011

B2B companies’ use of mobile apps to reach their customers is nothing new, but B2B companies using mobile apps strategically and according to industry best practices — that’s largely uncharted territory. While many consumer-facing companies have mastered the art of offering users value and entertainment through interesting content, ecommerce, games, video, GPS features, and the like, businesses that cater to other businesses largely default to thinly-veiled promotional apps — if they offer apps at all.


Before You SEO: Three Steps to Help Your Website Earn Its Keep

20 06 2011

As with so many other technologies in our tech-crazed world, search engine optimization (SEO) technologies are way ahead of our abilities to use them for a rational purpose.

As soon as we conceive of a new business, or hire a marketing whiz to take an old business “to the next level,” we are consumed with keywords, search rankings, and social media, as if doing exactly what the rest of the world does has ever made anyone rich.


5 Things That All Digital Marketers Should Know About Audience Targeting

2 06 2011

If, as a marketer, you were asked to answer the question “why should you target audiences?” coming up with a suitable answer is pretty easy. At the core of any effective marketing campaign, online or off, the ultimate goal of any campaign is to get the right message (offer) to the right person at the right time. Good targeting allows marketers to better control campaign outcomes to make sure that they reach their goals.

Understanding the “why” is a no-brainer. What’s a lot harder to broach is the “how” associated with audience targeting.