It’s The Content, Stupid!

31 08 2011

In today’s age of omnipresent media, online marketing channels often serve as the first point of contact with future customers, whether it’s an online review, a LinkedIn company page, or a product description on your Web site. The web, via its various incarnations ranging from user reviews to YouTube videos, has emerged as the world’s primary resource for obtaining information. In fact, according to a December 2010 study released by Forrester Research, U.S. consumers now spend as much time online as they do sitting in front of the television.



17 Content Creation Ideas to Inspire You

8 07 2011

In a MarketingProfs University course for Marketing Writing Bootcamp, instructor Ann Handley answered the oft-asked question “What do I write about when there’s nothing to say?”

And so, I pulled out the color Sharpies and doodled Ann Handley’s answers for y’all.

Brightly doodled, the 17 content creation ideas covered in the course should inspire beginning bloggers (and, heck, even those with a zillion posts under their belt) to churn out engaging, awareness-building posts all the time.


Cutting Through the Remarketing Clutter With RTB

27 04 2011

Have you ever gone to a marketing company’s website and you still can’t figure out what that business does? After five minutes on the site, you leave wondering, what do they actually do?

Since the display landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years, this happens more than ever in the display ecosystem, and the plethora of solutions out there for accessing real-time bidding (RTB) inventory can be confusing.


In Analytics, the Price of Light Is Less Than the Cost of Darkness

26 04 2011

A while back I heard that sophisticated marketing companies such as the world’s leading brands spent about 10 percent of their marketing budget on research and measurement. Irrespective whether the number is accurate or not, it’s a good benchmark I think – 10 percent feels about right. These leading companies have been marketing brands for over 100 years and during that time they have come to understand the importance and relevance to their business in understanding the effectiveness of their activities.


Four Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

1 04 2011

No matter how much planning and goal setting goes into a B2B corporate blog, the writing and content ultimately is what will make a blog successful. The B2B blog team must develop content that resonates with a target audience and is tailored around specific goals.


Is curation king?

3 03 2011

Information overload has increased the need for curation ― both in the form of tools and a new way of thinking, explained Steven Rosenbaum, CEO of and author of the book Curation Nation.  

Technology alone will not solve the problem; it’s a misunderstanding to think that content producers will be replaced by robots, he said. “People are stuck on this idea that curation replaces creation,” said Rosenbaum, speaking at a Social Media Week event Thursday in New York. He believes that humans will still add value beyond what algorithms can provide, serving as topical experts collecting information on a subject.

Four Technologies B2B CMOs should Watch

28 02 2011

B2b CMOs should pay close attention to four emerging technologies to engage customers this year, according to a report released by Forrester Research.

In the report, “Emerging Technologies B2B CMOs Should Watch in 2011,” Forrester analyst Jeff Ernst recommended CMOs explore online content curation to bolster thought leadership.