Email Marketers Focus on Relevance to Attract Readers

9 03 2011

Email marketers are still concerned about relevance, according to a BtoB study being released this month. “B-to-B State of Email Marketing: Best Practices” details the current state of email marketing as well as trends to watch going forward.

The study was based on a 21-question survey sent via email to b2b marketers in December. A total of 414 responses were collected between Dec. 8 and Dec. 14.

More than half of respondents (56%) said their biggest challenge and opportunity over the next 12 months is to deliver highly relevant content. This is significant because experts say it is one of the core capabilities that marketers aren’t delivering.



What B2B Email Marketers Want to Improve Most

1 03 2011

Breaking through email clutter is a top priority for B2B email marketers: 66% say they are working to improve the relevancy of the content they deliver in email marketing programs, according to a new report by BtoB.

List hygiene (42%) and email personalization (42%) are the next-most-cited improvement areas among surveyed B2B email marketers; just 21% cite integrating email with social networking.


Three Tactics for Effective B2B E-mail Segmentation

23 02 2011

B2B companies often copy segments that seem to work for competitors, but don’t allocate sufficient resources to define the right segments.

Some companies believe that segmentation reduces the number of available prospects when there are so many potential buyers outside of these segments. However, this view discounts the opportunity cost of working to convert lower-value prospects with much lower conversion rates than the high-value customers within target segments.


Tough Love Comes to E-mail and Social Marketing

4 02 2011

Inboxes are cluttered. People are turned off – and tuning out marketing messages. Instead, everyone’s hanging out on Facebook or exchanging text messages with friends. What can e-mail, social media, and direct marketers do?

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk provides some tough love to inspire, berate, and cajole marketers to use e-mail as an effective tool instead of overusing it.

Vaynerchuk related his own experience at, a retail website he launched in 1997. Thanks in large part to e-mail, the company’s annual revenue jumped from $4 million to $60 million over five years.


Three Tactics to Add Dynamic Content to Your E-mail Program

26 01 2011

More e-mail marketers report that they want to start using dynamic content in their e-mail programs every year. However, marketers also don’t know where to start. That happens because they’re missing a plan with three key tactics…


Five Challenges for E-mail Marketers in 2011

3 01 2011

As we start the new year, let’s look at some challenges and opportunities that e-mail marketers will encounter in the coming year.


Email and Social Media Lead Marketing Growth in 2011

28 12 2010

Email still continues to attract marketers, according to a survey of business executives from Strongmail. When asked which marketing tactics would get bigger parts of their budgets in the coming year, 65% said they would increase spending on email, while 57% targeted social media for expansions.

Search (41%) is still among the growth drivers for marketing, and mobile (35%) is on more marketers’ radar. But there seems to be less interest in traditional advertising, with only 25% of respondents saying they would increase spending on media buying.