Should You Use An In-house Or Outsourced B2B Marketing Team

13 05 2011

One of the major concerns that stops a lot of businesses from broadening their marketing efforts is whether they have the capacity to take on additional marketingwork and if it falls within their existing pool of skills.

If it doesn’t fit within the current businesses team and you begin to look externally, the second major concern is the quality of the relationship and level of service delivered by an external team.



Outsourced Marketing: Does It Make Sense for You?

9 02 2011

The question of whether to outsource varies depending on the specific factors at play in an organization. Though outsourcing may bring significant cost savings to some, for others the workload just might not be sufficient enough to justify going with an agency.

Regardless, there are significant benefits—including the following—that should be considered when contemplating the outsourcing of creative marketing functions.