Using Search Marketing to Stay Out of Bankruptcy

1 04 2011

Over the last year, an inordinate number of retailers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Interestingly, over the past three years, my firm pitched nearly every one of them on managing paid search, but failed to win their business. Given that so many of these bankrupt prospects chose another path, it seemed like a fun exercise to evaluate what these firms did wrong in relation to their search marketing campaigns.



Forrester says b2b marketing budgets will increase 6.7% this year

23 03 2011

B2b marketers will increase their marketing budgets on average 6.7% this year over last year, according to a new report from Forrester Research.

The report, “Bigger B2B Marketing Budgets Come With Great Expectations,”  found that the high-tech services area is leading growth (an average 17.0% increase this year), followed by finance and insurance (7.8%), high-tech products (5.9%), business and professional services (4.3%) and manufacturing (4.3%).


B2B SEO grows more important among small companies

22 03 2011

Looking to save money on advertising in the long term, more small companies intend to incorporate search engine optimization into their greater B2B online marketing initiatives, a new survey conducted by Network Solutions indicates.

More than one-quarter of the small businesses polled (27 percent) said they currently had a search engine optimization plan in place, which is up from the 19 percent that used this strategy in 2010. Additionally, more companies intend to develop B2B SEO plans over the next two years, with 36 percent planning to have an SEO strategy in that time frame.


KPIs Provide Insight to Influence Success and Strategy

17 02 2011

An integral part of effective marketing-measurement initiatives is establishing key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs serve as a special type of metric. Whereas all marketing metrics should help marketers assess their performance, KPIs are intended to provide leading insight into the future impact of marketing efforts on business outcomes. They indicate a change in performance and provide insight on how to influence success.