Survey says social media marketing brings new customers to B2B and B2C brands

26 05 2011

Marketers doubting the efficacy of social media campaigns in generating ROI might consider the latest State of Inbound Marketing survey from Hubspot, which indicates that cross-industry brands are acquiring new customers through their social campaigns. Sixty-two percent of businesses say social media marketing has become more important in generating inbound leads in the past six months.

The study asked marketers about their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn usage and success. All three platforms have proven to bring in more new clients year-over-year. For instance, 44 percent of marketers say they acquired new customers via Facebook in 2010 compared to 48 percent in 2011. Twitter also showed y-o-y gains, with 42 percent of marketers saying the microblogging site brings in new customers.



Forget Social Media ROI

19 04 2011

Are you tracking social media ROI? If so, you’re part of a small minority. Currently, there’s a lot of talk about social media ROI and monitoring, which by itself is an indicator that social media marketing is maturing. That doesn’t necessarily translate to action, however, since there’s a lot of confusion around what to track and how to track it.


Seven Tips for Achieving Social Media ROI

25 03 2011

The most important priority for brand-side marketers and agencies will be squeezing an identifiable ROI out of their social media efforts. That drive may partly explain the influx of community manager jobs popping up over the course of last year, as well as other efforts to formalize social media marketing in the enterprise. The race is on!

Happily, eMarketer has issued a whitepaper detailing seven guidelines for achieving ROI from social media.


Delegate information is real value in virtual events, delegates hear at International Confex

16 03 2011
UBM held more than 100 virtual events last year, and plans to double this in 2011, said UBM built environment deputy chief executive Nina Wright, panellist at the Virtual meetings demystified seminar.
Wright said: “The real ROI is in the level of detail you get about delegates attending the event. From this you get leads – it is about having a strategy in place for what you do with the information. That helps you maximise ROI. It is about nurturing leads in the same way you would after a physical event.”