Marketing Strategies for Reaching Consumers Using Tablets

8 07 2011

Android, Motorola Zoom, iPad, iOS, and iPad 2. What do these operating systems, and tablet devices mean to marketers? How are marketers able to effectively reach consumers using tablets?

I reached out to Chuck Martin, founder of the Future Mobile Institute and author of the new book, ” The Third Screen,” and Harry Kargman, founder and CEO of Kargo, for insights.



The Secret to B2B Mobile App Success? Custom Content.

29 06 2011

B2B companies’ use of mobile apps to reach their customers is nothing new, but B2B companies using mobile apps strategically and according to industry best practices — that’s largely uncharted territory. While many consumer-facing companies have mastered the art of offering users value and entertainment through interesting content, ecommerce, games, video, GPS features, and the like, businesses that cater to other businesses largely default to thinly-veiled promotional apps — if they offer apps at all.


Add SMS to Your Email Program

2 06 2011

Once you have built your email program around your customer lifecycle and automated your programs and optimized the creative for mobile devices, what is your next challenge?

For many B2B marketers, it is adding SMS touch points to the digital marketing mix.

SMS marketing can be incredibly powerful. It’s simple and most will almost instantly view an SMS message once received. This tactic in your digital arsenal will allow you to target an audience and almost guarantee they will view your content.


Social Marketing Gaining Prominence in Companies’ Plans

6 04 2011

As social media takes firmer hold of marketers’ attention and budgets, favored social channels, their primary uses and their individual strengths are becoming more evident, according to a new study by BtoB.

“Emerging Trends in B-to-B Social Marketing: Insights From the Field,” released today, found that 93% of all b2b marketers are engaged to some extent in social media marketing, with the most-used channel, LinkedIn, employed by 72% of survey respondents. Facebook (71%) and Twitter (67%) are nearly as popular, and together these three form the core of most b2b marketers’ social media programs.


Four Things Newbie Mobile Marketers Should Do Now

25 03 2011

If you’re new to mobile marketing – and, let’s be honest, most of us are – it’s the perfect time to start building for the future. Today’s student is tomorrow’s industry expert, so here are four basic steps to get started…


Mobile Photo Sharing, Should Brands Care?

18 02 2011
A key theme among existing social networks is the ability to upload and share photos. Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket have demonstrated how social photo sharing can be successful. Facebook alone is seeing 100 million photo uploads every day – an indication of how much this concept has grown.

While this trend was already growing, the increase market penetration of smartphones and improved camera functionality allows a massively engaged audience to snap high-quality photos and share them in seconds.


How to Get C-Suite Support for B2B Mobile Marketing

28 01 2011

If you’re a B2B marketer still trying to convince the C-suite that it’s time to go more mobile, take heart. CK Kerley offers 10 business arguments for mobile marketing that should get any C-type to take notice.