Brands Undertaking Market Research Reap Rewards Through Customer Loyalty

9 02 2012

A survey out today from global provider of smart solutions for gaining market insight, Cint, has found that brands investing in market research will reap rewards, with almost two-thirds (62%) of those surveyed stating they were more likely to purchase a brand’s product if they were asked their opinion in a study.



What to Do When E-Books and Round-Up Posts Just Won’t Cut It

5 12 2011

Some strategies are tested and true. They’ve been used successfully by so many people in so many situations that we’ve learned to expect that they work, and will work for us. Period.

Round-up posts and e-books are both examples of that phenomenon. They’ve become ubiquitous, and for good reason. They seem to work, without fail. Or, do they?


Search Optimization Is Still Part of Social Media Marketing

31 08 2011

There’s a panel at SES that usually ends up drawing a packed house. “SEO is Dead! Long Live SEO” never fails to impress the audience, especially with all the cries that “Social media is now ‘king.'” As I am primarily a social media marketer, but have deep roots in search engine optimization, I raise my eyebrow with skepticism at those marketers who proclaim that with social media, you no longer need to worry about SEO. Apparently they missed the memo that people also search in social media communities.


It’s The Content, Stupid!

31 08 2011

In today’s age of omnipresent media, online marketing channels often serve as the first point of contact with future customers, whether it’s an online review, a LinkedIn company page, or a product description on your Web site. The web, via its various incarnations ranging from user reviews to YouTube videos, has emerged as the world’s primary resource for obtaining information. In fact, according to a December 2010 study released by Forrester Research, U.S. consumers now spend as much time online as they do sitting in front of the television.


The Secret to B2B Mobile App Success? Custom Content.

29 06 2011

B2B companies’ use of mobile apps to reach their customers is nothing new, but B2B companies using mobile apps strategically and according to industry best practices — that’s largely uncharted territory. While many consumer-facing companies have mastered the art of offering users value and entertainment through interesting content, ecommerce, games, video, GPS features, and the like, businesses that cater to other businesses largely default to thinly-veiled promotional apps — if they offer apps at all.


Add SMS to Your Email Program

2 06 2011

Once you have built your email program around your customer lifecycle and automated your programs and optimized the creative for mobile devices, what is your next challenge?

For many B2B marketers, it is adding SMS touch points to the digital marketing mix.

SMS marketing can be incredibly powerful. It’s simple and most will almost instantly view an SMS message once received. This tactic in your digital arsenal will allow you to target an audience and almost guarantee they will view your content.


Survey says social media marketing brings new customers to B2B and B2C brands

26 05 2011

Marketers doubting the efficacy of social media campaigns in generating ROI might consider the latest State of Inbound Marketing survey from Hubspot, which indicates that cross-industry brands are acquiring new customers through their social campaigns. Sixty-two percent of businesses say social media marketing has become more important in generating inbound leads in the past six months.

The study asked marketers about their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn usage and success. All three platforms have proven to bring in more new clients year-over-year. For instance, 44 percent of marketers say they acquired new customers via Facebook in 2010 compared to 48 percent in 2011. Twitter also showed y-o-y gains, with 42 percent of marketers saying the microblogging site brings in new customers.