Seven Content Marketing Events You Need To Know About

30 03 2011

Well, the world of content marketing is getting a whole lot busier these days, including some things you may or may not know about. For this post, I wanted to make sure everyone was updated on the latest content marketing treats.  Thanks to our amazing content marketing team and contributors for making much of this possible.



Delegate information is real value in virtual events, delegates hear at International Confex

16 03 2011
UBM held more than 100 virtual events last year, and plans to double this in 2011, said UBM built environment deputy chief executive Nina Wright, panellist at the Virtual meetings demystified seminar.
Wright said: “The real ROI is in the level of detail you get about delegates attending the event. From this you get leads – it is about having a strategy in place for what you do with the information. That helps you maximise ROI. It is about nurturing leads in the same way you would after a physical event.”