B2B Marketers Need To Budget More Than Dollars And Cents

5 04 2011

We’ve long said that marketing is an investment, rather than a cost centre, and that’s absolutely the case. A business that views marketing merely as an expenditure rather than a tool to increase market share and revenue is doomed to failure. Marketing requires investment of money, time and resources to be successful. To borrow a line from a Canadian bank’s advertising campaign, “you’re richer than you think” when it comes to having “budget” for marketing. And here’s why.

The financial investment in your marketing is just one part of the puzzle; the resources  you can devote to marketing may not represent a huge bump in your costs but may, ultimately, have substantial impact on your bottom line. Below, I’ll examine some of the trends shown in published reports about how B2B companies are spending their money, and how they’re investing their time and energy in the hopes of boosting revenues.



Seven Content Marketing Events You Need To Know About

30 03 2011

Well, the world of content marketing is getting a whole lot busier these days, including some things you may or may not know about. For this post, I wanted to make sure everyone was updated on the latest content marketing treats.  Thanks to our amazing content marketing team and contributors for making much of this possible.


Webinar: How To Future-Proof Your Marketing Today

15 03 2011
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Web marketing is a constantly moving target.Given the incredible pace of change, how can marketers best prepare for the many surprises the future might hold?

In this short webcast, Michael Miller, author of The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide, will give you a glimpse of the changes we can expect to see in six fields of digital marketing, and some tips and tactics for taking advantage of the opportunities (and challenges!) they will provide.


If Webinars Are So Awesome, Why Do So Many Underperform?

5 01 2011

Sounds great, right? So if webinars are so awesome, then why do many tragically underperform?

A MarketingProfs and Junta42 study that polled 1,100 North American businesses found that 42% of businesses use webinars as part of their content marketing mix—but only 30% of surveyed businesses consider them effective.


Webinar: Strategies in B2B Audience Monetization

24 11 2010

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The world of digital media and online B2B advertising is evolving at a blurring pace. Shifting industry dynamics present a good deal of risk and ambiguity to publishers – yet even greater opportunity.

This webinar will explore evolving best practices and methods for ramping and diversifying superior B2B online audience monetization – both on and off-site.


Webinar: Content at the Center of Your Marketing

9 11 2010

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Buyers are now using the web, via mobile and desktop, to research and purchase solutions which means your content could be your best asset. This webinar will discuss creating, promoting and using your long form content in a digital age. Find out the effect ‘micro’ content is having and how you can use it to your advantage.